Cam Newton throws ball at Redskins LB, penalized

Cam Newton throws ball at Redskins LB, penalized

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Cam Newton throws ball at Redskins LB, penalized

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton can’t get a call to save his life this season. Whether it’s roughing the passer, one of his receivers getting mauled or something else, he rarely gets any love from the officials.

And in Monday night’s game against the Redskins, not only did he not get a call in his favor, but it somehow went against him, costing the Panthers a possible field goal or better.

It happened in the second quarter of the game, at the end of a play, after Newton took off running and then slid. Trent Murphy tracked him down and was intending to put a hit on him, but after Newton slid he was forced to pull up. Murphy tried to avoid Newton but still got some of his helmet, which should’ve warranted a flag. However, it was Newton himself who was penalized — for unsportsmanlike conduct — as he kicked the ball at Murphy afterward.

It will be interesting to see what Newton says about it after the game, since he’s been pretty critical of the officiating this season, and understandably so.

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