Beer Review: Einstok White Ale

Beer Review: Einstok White Ale

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Beer Review: Einstok White Ale

As the new year quickly approaches, we at Super Two Sports are happy to announce the reemergence of one of our favorite segments. After a brief hiatus due to site changes, we are bringing back Beer Reviews as well as a monthly Man Cave segment, which will focus on the latest gadgets, games and technologies out there.

There is no better way to lead off the new and improved beer review segment than with a Super Two Sports favorite: Einstok White Ale

We discovered this beer just around 2 1/2 years ago in a small bar in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Matt and I had just finished off a flight of a variety of different beers, as is commonplace for our nights out in Doylestown, and we looked for something different to end the night on. After much discussion with the bartenders, we decided on “the one with the viking head from Iceland”…a scientific process, I know.

It poured a nice light color and it had a pleasant aroma but even we could not believe the impressive taste that followed. All that was needed was a simple nod to each other to realize that this was going to become a regular staple in our beer selection…and it has been. We have continuously frequented that bar since that night and every trip has ended with an Einstok.

Co-contributor, Matt Glynn, summarized the taste of Einstok in saying:

“Einstok’s White Ale is arguably the most refreshing beer I have ever tasted.  Its light color and citrus bouquet can only set the scene for what one will experience when they drink it.  With flavors of citrus and coriander, a crisp, refreshing sensation, and an excellent finish that leaves you wanting more, Einstok’s White Ale will have you conquering the day as well as the night”.

In those 2 1/2 years since that night, we have seen Einstok’s White Ale begin to pop up in more and more bars and beer shops in the Philadelphia area. If you can find it, we highly recommend giving it a try.

Super Two Sports Recommendation: Must Buy

You can view other beer selections from Einstok on their website. 



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