Redskins: Jay Gruden or Joe Gibbs, who ya got?

Redskins: Jay Gruden or Joe Gibbs, who ya got?


Redskins: Jay Gruden or Joe Gibbs, who ya got?

Joe Gibbs, of course! One of them is a Hall of Fame coach. The other is still erasing doubts about him.

Hog Heaven shouldn’t have to explain that. But a few of my tweeps took exception when we tweeted that Gruden just accomplished something that neither Gibbs nor Mike Shanahan could do this century – string back to back winning seasons together.

Shoulda ducked and covered on that one.

Citing facts should not hurt anyone’s feelings.

Gibbs led the Redskins to two playoff appearances in his return (2004-2007), one of them under trying circumstances. But his second run here was very up and down.

The Redskins twice made the playoffs with quarterbacks selected by Shanahan. Mike’s not here to savor the accomplishment.

Gruden is here … quietly exceeding our low expectations. Hail to him!

Kirk Cousins wins again.’s Noah Frank wrote before the Bears game that Cousins was nothing without TE Jordan Reed. See The reason Washington shouldn’t pay Kirk Cousins.

After the Bears game, Thom Loverro wrote that Cousins answered the question of whether he is a franchise quarterback. Loverro added the uncomfortable idea that Sunday’s game against the Giants may be Cousin’s last as Redskins quarterback.

Thom is not advocating that. Cousins is not under contract to the team after this season, however.

The ‘Skins have made bonehead roster moves before. We think those day are long gone.

Frank, by the way, wrote his piece without once using the team name, Redskins, R-E-D-S-K-I-N-S. ‘Nuff said

A story on CBS DC says the Redskins’ pass catchers are the league’s most productive.

Hog Heaven follows the 11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3 theorem of team receiving.

A team’s leading receiver should catch for 1,100 yards, 10 TDs, 90 catches. The No. 2 receiver should catch for 800 yards, seven TDs, 60 catches. The No. 3 receiver should be good for 500 yards, four scores and 30 catches. There’s nothing scientific about it; just observation over time.

CBS says the 2016 Redskins are turning that idea on its head.

“Of the 32 teams in the NFL, only one has four players each with at least 600 receiving yards. That team is the Redskins, and those four players are DeSean Jackson (54 catches, 971 yards), Pierre Garcon (75, 945), Jamison Crowder (65, 831) and Jordan Reed (61, 646). Washington is also one of two teams, along with the New Orleans Saints, with three players with at least 800 receiving yards.”

Crowder leads receivers with seven touchdowns followed by Reed (5), Jackson (4) and Garcon (3). Lightweight TD receptions are the only real criticism of the passing game.

Josh Doctson should add a missing element to this offense in 2017, especially if the Redskins find a way to keep both free agents Jackson and Garcon.

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