Bearcats BlogCast: Episode 66 - Breaking Down Basketball

Bearcats BlogCast: Episode 66 - Breaking Down Basketball

Cincinnati Bearcats

Bearcats BlogCast: Episode 66 - Breaking Down Basketball

This is the last Bearcats BlogCast of 2016. Thanks for listening this year. 2017 will bring more podcasts, and more posts (I promise!) to Bearcats Blog proper. The support you guys show has always been amazing, even if production on the blog itself was lacking. Hopefully you all listen to and enjoy the podcast.

Speaking of which, you can find new and old episodes of the Bearcats BlogCast on iTunes, Stitcher and anywhere else podcasts are found for that matter. Thanks for listening and sharing. It’s very much appreciated.

Matt Opper and I give basketball a gigantic deep dive this week. We use the backdrop of Cincinnati’s win over Marshall to talk about the Bearcats offense, the play of Troy Caupain, Gary Clark, Jacob Evans, Mick Cronin’s rotation, the center position and the defense. We hit it and hit it hard.

The UC talk spins gracefully into a preview of the AAC. We run through every team in the league. Spoiler alert, most of them are not great. I ask Matt the toughest question I could, will the AAC get more bowl wins or NCAA tournament bids?

We talk a little football at the end, mainly having fun with WakeyLeaks.

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