Support Days Of Y'Orr on Patreon

Support Days Of Y'Orr on Patreon


Support Days Of Y'Orr on Patreon

Days of Y’Orr is on Patreon and we’re looking for your help.

We want to make Days of Y’Orr our full time job. Unfortunately, many media outlets don’t like our brash, crass and unabashed style of writing. Due to this, we need to make our own path in the hockey world. We’ve been doing that since 2009, but now we need your help.

Doing something you love is an amazing experience. Every day from September to June, we get to write about a sport that brings the city of Boston together and we get to do it without anyone telling us how to do it. If we want to say “Kevan Miller is fucking garbage!”, we can. If we want to fawn on Patrice Bergeron, we can. We have to freedom to write anything we want.

We want to keep that freedom. Going to a different network or going to a large company to write about hockey limits our freedom and thus changes the Days of Y’Orr you know.

We took a year off last year because we were tired. We were tired from spending hours upon hours writing, photoshopping and creating with nothing to show for it. Yes, we are fairly popular within the Bruins blogosphere, but we also have families who need to eat. Working 40+ hours a week and then writing/photoshopping/making YouTube videos for 10-15+ hours a week puts a toll on relationships, friendships and ourselves.

Patreon allows us to be crowdfunded by you and that will allow us to change nothing. You’re going to get the same style of previews and recaps you’re used to. You’re going to get the pieces like “Boston Bruins Hunger Games” and “Pez Plays GM”. You’re going to get “The Optional Skate” and “Mommy’s Little Trash Cast”.

We currently have four tiers: $1, $5, $10 and $25. Each tier is paid out monthly and comes with rewards.

We want to do this full time. We want to do this without bombarding you with ads and intrusive pop-ins. We want to do this without changing who we are.

And we can’t do it without you.

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