Daily Fantasy Sports Prep: Wild Card Edition

Daily Fantasy Sports Prep: Wild Card Edition

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Daily Fantasy Sports Prep: Wild Card Edition

This is the absolute best time for daily fantasy. Enough games to watch and bet on, not enough to binge for 7 hours though. We will be going through each matchup like the old format and see which key guys are perfect for bargains and which you should stay away from. 
Seahawks vs Lions –

Notables – Eric Ebron 5700

                 Thomas Rawls           

Staffords favorite check down option is on the IR so he’s been finding Ebron a heck of a lot. Look for Boldin in the redzone as well. I’m expecting a big game from Rawls this week. Lions pass D is actually pretty solid but I’ve noticed they can be rushed on. This game will go to the Seahawks thanks to their defense but it will be by the skin of their teeth because of a Stafford comeback. 

Steelers vs Dolphins – 

Notables – Matt Moore 6900

                 Eli Rogers 5000

If you have been following our articles then you should know we love the underdogs. Preseason we loved Eli Rogers and now he’s looking like a great PPR option. Bell and Brown will still do their part but for 5k you can’t go wrong with Rogers. Matt Moore has been in the league for a while and honestly looks like he’s on Tannehills level and maybe slightly more spark. I would not be surprised to see a close game. In fact? I say Miami wins this game. Yeah I said it. 

Oakland vs Houston –

This could’ve been such a great game. It still might be; but Derek Carr being broken makes me sad for the Raiders. That and the fact that they are going to lose. The Raiders are starting rookie QB Conor Cook in a playoff game. His first ever NFL start will be in the playoffs. That’s recipe for disaster let alone having to play against one of the top defenses in the league. The box will be stacked but Latavius is going to be leaned upon very heavily so you can see workhorse production from him. Other than that I would not start anyone but Texans defense in this game. The experts say Oakland? I say Texans, even with the unsure arm of Brock “73 million dollar bust” Osweiller, will defeat them by at least 10 points. I’m putting my money where my mouth is. 

Giants vs Packers –

Notables – Davante Adams 7000

                 Sterling Shepard 5100

This is going to be the game of the weekend. Not only because my second favorite team is the Giants, but because it’s the hottest defense vs the hottest QB. Davante Adams has been such a treat this year. After being named a bust he’s turned into an absolute reception machine and has made some spectacular catches. Sterling Shepard not as much. He’s been either reliable or an absolute ghost. But I see him having a great day and if the Giants get into a rhythm then Rashad Jennings could really have a field day against a once great, now awful run defense. This all depends on if the Giants are down early which they could be since Rodgers has been on an absolute tear. But! I am being bold and picking the Giants. Defense wins championships and the Giants are the hottest one right now. 

Final picks to win – Seattle, Houston, Miami, New York. 

This piece was written by Joey Bua.

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