Bonus Fan(n)! Juan Castillo, Bills OL Coach Reaction

Bonus Fan(n)! Juan Castillo, Bills OL Coach Reaction

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Bonus Fan(n)! Juan Castillo, Bills OL Coach Reaction

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Just when I thought I was out…Bills hires pull me back in.

The Bills are rumored to be hiring Juan Castillo, current Ravens run game coordinator to work in a similar role in Buffalo. Castillo, 57, was famously the replacement for Sean McDermott in Philly as defensive coordinator during the nadir of the Reid era.

Yes, that’s right – Andy Reid hired his OL coach to become his defensive coordinator. It got “Always Sunny” weird in Eagle-land for a bit.

With Castillo’s hiring, that does not bode well for line coach/tag team teen puncher Aaron Kromer, as well as his son who is a current Bills assistant.

Rich’s Reaction:

With the hire of Castillo, McDermott is shaping up to emulate the traditional Reid tree move of west coast offensive identity with an attacking defense on the other side. Should Anthony Lynn not pick up a head coaching gig this year, teaming his history in the offense with a key cog of the Reid-era Eagles is not a bad thing at all – assuming he makes it out of San Diego:

It remains to be seen what happens with the rest of the staff, but I’ll be intrigued to see how many ties to Reid the offensive side of the ball will have.

If you are inclined, I’d recommend viewing this quick video clip on Coach Castillo, just to get familiar:

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