Knicks accidentally blast Derrick Rose, delete tweet

Knicks accidentally blast Derrick Rose, delete tweet

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Knicks accidentally blast Derrick Rose, delete tweet

Things aren’t great between the New York Knicks and Derrick Rose right now.

Rose had the whole going missing-in-action incident, returned to the team, got fined and has since played with the team again. Oh, and apparently he wants a max contract.

In other words, things are tense in New York, which makes it hilarious that the Knicks have now had to delete two different tweets because of how they sound when it comes to the current situation around Rose.

The first was a big gaffe advertising transportation, with Rose—who was MIA at the time—hilariously in the picture:


It got even better, though. Rose returned to the team, perhaps via Amtrak, and the Knicks decided to share an in-game picture. The problem, of course, was the description that came with it:


The Knicks went ahead and tried again:

To be fair to Rose and the Knicks, he looked great in his return to the team Wednesday night in a loss against the Philadelphia 76ers, scoring 25 points, his highest total since December 28.

That said, the team’s official account being unable to properly navigate the tricky waters made choppy between the team and Rose himself are still hilarious.

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