Various sports teams troll Chargers' new logo

Various sports teams troll Chargers' new logo


Various sports teams troll Chargers' new logo

The Chargers’ relocation to Los Angeles has come with a brand new logo, and various sports teams from all corners of the country have taken to Twitter to mock a logo that looks far too much like a Dodgers knockoff.

First, the Chargers’ new logo—in all its blue and white and generic glory:

Now, the jokes.

The Tampa Bay Lightning wanted everyone to know that the Chargers’ logo isn’t an offspring of the Lightning and Dodgers, even if the new design does look exactly like a combination of the two team’s logos.

The Montgomery Biscuits, a minor league affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays, got in on the fun—adding a little lightning bolt to their logo to stay modern:

SMU football had a similar fake redesign:

The Dallas Stars of the NHL probably had the best burn:


The Chargers clearly swung and missed with their new logo, which isn’t exactly the best thing for a team starting over in the Los Angeles market. The new mark looks like a logo you’d pick while relocating a team in Madden, and that’s not a compliment.

That said, all the social media reaction—even the jokes and burns—could end up a good thing for the Chargers. Any press is good press, right?

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