Mark Cuban 'would love' an NBA team in Mexico

Mark Cuban 'would love' an NBA team in Mexico

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Mark Cuban 'would love' an NBA team in Mexico

Like the NFL, the NBA has its thoughts on global expansion.

The NBA’s NBA’s Global Games series has helped grow the league’s presence around the world. Along with this comes a growing sense of some important names within in the league hinting that teams outside of the United States could be a good thing.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is now one of the biggest supporters of an expansion into Mexico after his team played a Thursday game in Mexico City recently. captured his thoughts on the matter:

“I would love a team down here. I think it would really help the sport,” Cuban said. “I would like to come back with the Mavericks, and every time that the NBA asks, we would love to be here.”

This is the first time in NBA history that Mexico has hosted two games in one season. London also just hosted a contest between the Denver Nuggets beat the Indiana Pacers Thursday.

Cuban doesn’t think the travel time to Mexico would be a big deal for teams. Perhaps what is more interesting is how NBA free agents would feel about the destination.

For now, many surrounding the NBA will likely continue to focus on Seattle. But an outward reach beyond the United States continues to creep into the NBA conversation.

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