NBA Coaches Say Wizards' Bradley Beal Is An All-Star

NBA Coaches Say Wizards' Bradley Beal Is An All-Star


NBA Coaches Say Wizards' Bradley Beal Is An All-Star


Bradley Beal will almost certainly not start in the All-Star game in Los Angeles in 2018, which is not a surprise. He still has a very good chance to be voted in as a reserve by the 15 Eastern Conference coaches who will select two guards, three forwards, and two additional players from any position. During this season, opposing coaches have raved about the Washington Wizards shooting guard, which foreshadows his selection as an All-Star.

UPDATED (1/23/2018): Beal had indeed been named an All-Star reserve by the Eastern Conference coaches, as expected, for averaging 23.6 points, 4.3 rebounds, and 3.7 assists per game, which are all career-highs. The Washington Post’s Candace Buckner had the news first.

Celtics head coach Brad Stevens on May 3, 2017

“He’s an excellent player and he’s a great cutter. I think he’s one of the best cutters in the league. He’s great off handbacks, he’s great off pin downs, he’s great off flares, and so you just have to guard him as hard as you can for as long as you can and try to make it as tough as possible, but he’s a heck of a player.”

Cavaliers head coach Ty Lue on October 8, 2017

“I think [Bradley Beal is an All-Star] so. He’s playing at a high rate, high clip. Last year going back to the playoffs, he played well. He’s already a great player just its been unfortunate for him with a couple injuries here and there, but I think for sure he is an All-Star.”

Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg on December 31, 2017

“I’ve seen him do that [playing well] a lot. He’s one of the top guards in this league. We were trying to get it out of his hands there for a stretch

Knicks head coach Jeff Hornacek on January 3, 2018

“Probably first couple years, he was getting into his shot pretty fast. Now you watch him and it’s is pretty smooth. He takes his time, he takes what the defense gives him. He knows he can get his shot off at anytime so he just works himself to a position that he can take a little step away to shoot the ball and he comes down with great confidence. … He’s just developed into a great player.”

Magic head coach Frank Vogel on January 12, 2018

“Absolutely. It’s not even a discussion, right? He’s 25 points a game, 4th or 5th seed in the East. One of the best scorers in the league. I don’t think it’s even a debate.”

Nets head coach Kenny Atkinson on January 13, 2018

“Yes [emphatically while nodding his head], yes. I thought when John Was out, he really carried the torch and he’s really exploded. His defense has gotten better, I think. His all-around game has gotten better. He’s a heck of a competitor. Yes, for sure.”

Although Western Conference coaches will not be involved in whether or not Beal makes the squad, they shared a similar sentiment as their Eastern Conference peers. Washington’s own Scott Brooks is also not allowed to vote for his own players.

Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle on November 7, 2017

“Well, each year, he gets more mature, he gets stronger, more knowledgeable. Everybody’s skill refines more if they keep working, which he has. And so, he’s been carrying a big load offensively and it’s pretty amazing because they got a lot of guys that can score over there and they’re shooting the three so well right now, it really makes them a challenging team to play. His run of three games here is remarkable.”

Pelicans head coach Alvin Gentry on December 19, 2017

Reporter: “Their backcourt is fast and effective.”

Gentry: “Yeah, that is a minor understatement.”

“Is such a great shooter, coming off screens, creating his own shot, taking the ball into that midrange area. I would say they are a great backcourt. I know that there is this big discussion all along and I know that they got a lot of confidence. I don’t know if they are the best backcourt, but in the words of Bum Phillips, it doesn’t take long to call the roll. They’re really, really good.”

Wizards head coach Scott Brooks on December 31, 2017

“I’ve been saying this – going on the second year now – that Brad’s an All-Star. I thought he was an All-Star last year, he led us in a lot of different games and [averaged] 23 points. It’s not just the 23 points, it’s the defensive play that he does, it’s the passing. We’re very blessed, we have two guys in the backcourt that are All-Stars. Hopefully, we can keep playing well and win some games. I think we’ve won seven out of our last 10. It’s all about winning games and if you win games and you play for each other, individual awards come. If you focus on that, you’re focused on the wrong things. I’ve talked to Brad many, many times and he has not mentioned All-Star to me.”

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