Steelers, Chiefs get into shoving match after game (VIDEO)

Steelers, Chiefs get into shoving match after game (VIDEO)


Steelers, Chiefs get into shoving match after game (VIDEO)

The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in Sunday’s Divisional Round, an 18-16 battle not without controversy at the end.

After the final whistle, several players from both sides got into a scuffle while the teams talked with one another on the field before heading to the back.

ESPN’s Josina Anderson provided the footage:

That, folks, is embattled Steelers linebacker coach Joey Porter holding back Chiefs defensive back Terrance Mitchell, who wanted a piece of somebody else. As the ruckus develops, one can see guys like Antonio Brown sort of get involved in the fray unwillingly and not commit.

This isn’t too out of the ordinary for an emotional elimination game, though it is pretty wild to see Porter involved in something given his past week or so. He was arrested and later had the charges reduced. Maybe this was wrong place wrong time, but fans can expect to see his name a lot once again in the upcoming week.

The good news is there doesn’t seem to be anything overly negative here the league will care about, so the loss won’t hurt more than it has to for the Chiefs and the Steelers won’t miss any key names going into next week against the New England Patriots.

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