What is Tottenham Hotspur?

What is Tottenham Hotspur?


What is Tottenham Hotspur?

What is Tottenham Hotspur?

It’s Jurgen’s dives, Ginola’s body swerves, Teddy’s space, the Famous Five, it’s Ledley’s knee, Bale’s lung-bursts, Luka’s touch, Dawson’s plea, it’s Hoddle’s dinks, Hugo’s ballet, Mousa’s slaloms, Lennon’s jinks, it’s Toby’s diagonals, Parker’s circles, it’s

Danny, Danny Rose,

it’s we’ve got Dele, it’s Harry, oh Harry, it’s Dier v Chelsea, it’s Defoe’s offside again,

but oh those goals,

it’s the Spurs swarm, the Poch Press, the Lamela snap, the Wanyama wall, it’s Martin Jol’s bearhugs, Van der Vaart’s crowd hugs, AVB’s Bale hug, it’s losing 4-3 from 3-0 up, it’s Walker’s push and gallop, it’s opening day dreams, it’s final-day lasagne, it’s Crouch at the San Siro, it’s Gazza having a go, it’s Eriksen’s intelligence, Berbatov’s impudence, Benny’s insolence, Mason and Bentaleb running the show,

it’s Soldado…

it’s Stalteri, Bale, Dier, Kane and last-minute winners against West Ham, it’s Mendes at Old Trafford, it’s the Seven Sisters walk, it’s oh when the Spurs, it’s the echoes of glory, and it’s so, so much more.

Hi, and welcome to Jurgen’s Dive Bar. I hope you like it here. It’s Spurs, but not as you know it. Onwards.

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