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The Pro Go Weird

Yeah, that was at the exact moment that “The Sign Guy” gave Dean the double-digit bird and got escorted out of The Forum.  I jokingly hit him up on Twitter and asked him if he’d be available for a freelance gig on Inauguration Day.  He’s been in great demand since the “rally” on Wednesday.  I totally understand why San Diegans feel the way they do.  I did mention to “The Sign Guy” that my phone call to Eli Manning the night before the draft and my throwing of my Charger beads on Archie’s lawn in New Orleans didn’t do a damn thing.  Actually, teams that have moved have gone on to pretty decent success.  But no one wants to hear that and I don’t blame them.


Seriously, is the new coach gonna make Telesco his bitch?  I was skeptical when I heard about Anthony Lynn’s hiring.  It did come out the day of the move, but it also seemed like Dean (or John nowadays) hired another cheap yes man.  However, Lynn has said all the right things thus far.  The Chargers will be hated by all because of what Dean did.  It takes a pretty tough dude to put up with that.  Maybe this is the guy.  News came out today (beyond the inauguration of President Bigly) that many owners are hoping Dean goes back to San Diego.  I don’t see that happening.  It’s sad that his moving to LA might be one of the few cases of him standing up for himself.

Through it all, Phil has been a model Charger.  Shit, even TMZ called him a class act as he was walking to Kimmel.  Those scumbags never say anything nice about anybody.  Rivers has been great about being the “jeans and cowboy boots” guy he proclaimed from the podium Wednesday and always being mindful of the heartbreak of San Diego.  The way he’s handled himself seriously makes me forgive him for every interception he’s ever thrown.  Along with LT, he’s given so much that I can’t really complain.  Of course, Tomlinson is getting a lot of shit for suggesting that fans can still support the Bolts in LA.  Phil Mickelsen also came out and refused to paint Dean as a complete villain.


Another classic pic.  It is suspicious that Gus Bradley hasn’t committed to the coordinator job now that Tom Cable isn’t getting the Niner coaching spot.  I don’t know why he wanted that anyway.  It’s shitty that Pagano didn’t get notified that he was being replaced, but he should have been fired years ago.  Even the strength and conditioning guys are being axed.  It seems like they are finally reading all our contributions to the suggestion box.  It just sucks that they had to leave San Diego to do it.  If they go to the powder blues, the city will officially believe that they cannot have nice things.

After the conference championship games, the bye week should let the smoke clear a little more.  As good as the Falcons looked last week, it’s still amazing that we beat them.  But they are a better team now.  We almost beat the ’05 Steelers and ’12 Ravens (4th and 29 should have been the end of Pagano), but they went on to become much better teams.

I don’t know if the commenting system is up, so I don’t know who among the Justice League is still out there.  I know many will bail after the move and I can’t judge them.  But if you are still part of The Legion of The Lightning Bolt, get in touch.  Until next time.

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