Taking a quick break from the St. Louis Blues

Taking a quick break from the St. Louis Blues


Taking a quick break from the St. Louis Blues

The St. Louis Blues are preparing to resume their regular season schedule following the All-Star break, but this writer isn’t ready to welcome the Blues back quite yet. The Blues have been a trying, exhausting team to follow and write about this season and that can wear even down even the most serious of fans. Thankfully, a coincidentally-timed trip will render this blog silent as the Blues hopefully start righting the ship.

Now, the brief hiatus will be just that – brief. It will be a time to relax and reflect on other things outside of the world of hockey. Obviously the vacation isn’t because of the Blues, but it’s a great time to recharge ahead of what I imagine will be an aggravating sprint (or jog?) to the finish.

How will the Blues perform while I’m away? If we’re all extremely lucky, they’ll be a completely different team compared to their form prior to the All-Star break. The bad defending, bad passing, bad goaltending and overall bad efforts will be a distant memory. More realistically, the problems will persist, the management will air their frustrations and I’ll return to a team in a similar leaky boat.

Change is coming on the horizon for the Blues, but it may take some really ugly hockey before it happens.

I’ll be back before you all know it.

Let’s Go Blues!

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