Fernando Makes February Fast And Furious

Fernando Makes February Fast And Furious


Fernando Makes February Fast And Furious

No sooner than I wax poetic about the immortal Tom Gorzellany, comes this news:

It’s almost as if the last three months were Sandy Alderson’s Groundhog Days, and when he woke up on February 3rd, he pulled a Phil Connors and reassessed his life and priorities, which made him decide to sign people. Salas’ deal is for one year, so Sandy is renting, not buying. Salas had a good 17.1 innings with the Mets last season, not walking anybody and sporting an ERA of 2.08. Three of the four runs he gave up came on three home runs, which is scary. But Salas will be much needed with the looming suspension coming for Jeurys Familia, which should be announced before the season starts. So Salas will be a welcomed return for the Mets.

And don’t count out one more return either:

Yes, Jon. “Salas” is a palindrome. If Blevins does indeed come back, then it’ll seem like last year’s band will indeed be back together, with Gorzellany playing the role of Jason Newstead. If Blevins signs elsewhere, then Gorzellany will be more like Gary Cherone. You may have to google all of these people.

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