Calm Down - Orton vs Cena WON'T Happen!

Calm Down - Orton vs Cena WON'T Happen!


Calm Down - Orton vs Cena WON'T Happen!

Last Sunday’s Royal Rumble saw John Cena win his record-tying 16th World Championship by defeating AJ Styles and Randy Orton winning his second Royal Rumble match.

Add those two together and yes, the sum is (another) John Cena vs Randy Orton championship match.

2For an event that is culminating a year of what has been termed the “New Era” yes, this is a cause for concern.

The reaction throughout the internet has be borderline comical with the negative reaction of a potential Cena/Orton WrestleMania clash. I get it, it would not be the most ideal championship match at WrestleMania this side of 2010. Been there, done that – it’s time to see some new matches and new champions in the New Era!

Don’t worry though, it’s NOT going to happen!

Yes the Royal Rumble winner meets his brand’s champion at April’s Showcase of the Immortals. But that champion will NOT be John Cena.

A reason that WWE decided not to have a lot of hoopla for Cena’s 16th championship is because with how it appears the Elimination Chamber match will be booked, this title reign will only last two weeks. Report started trickling how just prior to last Sunday’s Royal Rumble event that the WWE World 3Heavyweight Championship match at WrestleMania would be the winner of the Royal Rumble Randy Orton and the man holding the championship … (wait for it) … Bray Wyatt!

Yes the reports state that Wyatt will finally hold the world championship that he has been deserving of for years and it will happen with a win in the Elimination Chamber match.

The inevitable confrontation between Orton and Wyatt has been expected since Orton joined the Wyatt Family late last year and that confrontation should come on the biggest stage of the year.

As for the match itself, there is no question that Wyatt has to win. If the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in held by both John Cena and Randy Orton within a two-month period then WWE should just erase every mention of the New Era quicker than they would erase a Canadian who has been in both the Four Horsemen and The Radicalz.

We have already seen WWE make mention of a Cena/Orton WrestleMania championship match, like Orton claiming that this would be the WrestleMania match that everybody would want to see. This could 4very well be WWE creative taking a bit of a shot at the infamous Internet Wrestling for their vocal reaction to last year’s Sasha Banks/Charlotte feud. It seemed like every pay per view and even every Raw would include a Charlotte/Banks match, most of the time for the Woman’s Championship. The frequency of the rivalry was compared as the female Cena vs Orton feud as WWE’s go-to female feud.

Yes, with some of the recent booking, it makes sense to be weary of WWE going to “old faithful” for its biggest stage. But have no fear, this one will fix itself.

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