Brett Favre: New concussion drug a 'game changer'

Brett Favre: New concussion drug a 'game changer'


Brett Favre: New concussion drug a 'game changer'

Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre said that the only time he had ever really been knocked out on a football field was the last play of his career in 2010.

Favre told Fox Business that it was an “eye-opening experience,” and now he’s touting a drug that he says can help treat concussions.

Prevasol is a nasal spray that is set to begin phase 1 of clinical studies.

Dr. Jacob VanLandingham, who is developing the drug, said it has anti-inflammatory effects and can stop swelling in the brain.

“This is a game changer,” Favre said. “Treating it right away and stopping it is the most important factor in all of this.”

Here’s the thing. Favre must be taken with a grain of salt, and not smelling salts, when he pitches any health-related product.

Favre also promoted Rx Pro, a topical pain cream, but the company behind Rx Pro was investigated by the Justice Department.

Even if Prevasol ends up being snake oil, at least Favre is keeping alive the popular term “game changer” with Barack Obama no longer the president.

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