Is It Too Soon To Call A Do-Over On The 2017 Season?

Is It Too Soon To Call A Do-Over On The 2017 Season?


Is It Too Soon To Call A Do-Over On The 2017 Season?

I was GRINDING at work today.

Put in a solid 5 hours before I remembered – ‘HEY! Start of spring training! Let’s check Twitter and see if we got any cool pics of grown men stretching or something!’


Um, say what? Is this real life? Where’s the camera? Come on guys, for real, where’s the camera?


Oh no.

Can we pretend this is Madden and just hit the reset button when player 2 scores a TD on the opening kickoff?

Deep breath.

As of this writing here’s what we know:

Reyes has a partial tear of his UCL. It’s not 100% that Reyes will need Tommy John surgery immediately (sidelining him for a year) – Adam Wainright threw 4+ seasons after a partial tear of his UCL before getting it fixed…

Oh, who are we kidding? Group-think of many organizations the past few seasons: Get that gown on, son. ASAP.

It’s hard not to be fatalist at this point. Yeah, yeah Reyes wasn’t guaranteed a starting spot. Yeah, yeah the team has some starting depth. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

But if the Cardinals are really going to take a run at the champs, they need all the luck they can get. I literally enjoyed ZERO seconds of spring training this year before getting punched in the stomach. With whatever the opposite of a horseshoe is.

Sorry if you came here looking for a sparkler, rainbow, scoop of ice cream and a pat on the head – ain’t happening. The guy with the most upside on the team is closed for business in 2017.


Let’s hope day 2 of spring training isn’t totally devastating.

UPDATE (2/15)

It’s official – Alex Reyes will have Tommy John surgery.

Day 2 of spring training off to a fun start.

Photo: SportsBlog

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