Kurt Warner goes to bat for Terrell Owens as a Hall of Famer

Kurt Warner goes to bat for Terrell Owens as a Hall of Famer

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Kurt Warner goes to bat for Terrell Owens as a Hall of Famer


Kurt Warner wants to see Terrell Owens in the Hall of Fame someday.

After an incredible run to the hall himself, Warner has of course been asked about the most polarizing hall subject in quite some time—T.O.

Warner talked with PFT Live about Owens’ candidacy:

“I believe, A, he’s a Hall of Famer,” Warner said on a Wednesday visit to PFT Live. “What he did between those lines you can’t argue. There’s nothing you can argue about, and I believe he will get in.”

Owens, of course, hasn’t been considered heavily by voters because of a perceived reputation as a guy who ruins locker rooms. Warner hit a bit on his experience in this area:

“That it’s about the way you represented the game and the impact that you had on the game as a whole and I’m speaking just based on here say because every time I’ve been around T.O. I loved the guy. He’s been great to me and I love his personality but I believe that’s the perception or reality that’s there is that the voters fully believe he belongs in due to his numbers and will get in.

The whole interview is worth a listen. But this too shows a disparity between former players, coaches and others and voters themselves. The voters seem to value his impact on a locker room more than most despite not experiencing said impact themselves, at least for the most part.

Alas, this is another chapter in the saga which has no clear end. Backlash to omitting Owens twice hasn’t seemed to change much yet. Warner, though, seems to believe one of the best of all time will make it into the hall eventually.

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