Nuggets slap Emmanuel Mudiay on the trade block

Nuggets slap Emmanuel Mudiay on the trade block

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Nuggets slap Emmanuel Mudiay on the trade block

Emmanuel Mudiay’s time with the Denver Nuggets might be close to an end.

Mudiay, the No. 7 pick in the 2015 NBA draft, has had a rocky start to his career and the Nuggets keep hanging around a playoff slot in the Western Conference.

According to Clevis Murray of Sir Charles in Charge, Mudiay’s name has come up on the trade market:

This isn’t the most surprising development in the world. Mudiay has appeared in 44 games this year after only playing in 68 as a rookie. He averages 11.8 points and 4.2 assists, numbers on the decline compared to his debut campaign.

While Mudiay has struggled to stay on the court, veteran Jameer Nelson has held down the point well. Further making Mudiay expendable is strong play by rookie Jamal Murray, who has looked like a natural at the point as opposed to shooting guard when actually given a chance.

Mudiay on the market now is a way for the Nuggets to get the most out of his trade before his stock really starts to take a nosedive if things don’t turn around. Contenders and rebuilders alike would have an interest in a 20-year-old point with seemingly endless upside, even if it hasn’t worked out so far.

While not the biggest name on the block, Mudiay is one to watch as the march to the trade deadline continues.

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