This Whole Jeffrey Loria Thing is Weird Right?

This Whole Jeffrey Loria Thing is Weird Right?


This Whole Jeffrey Loria Thing is Weird Right?

Remember that time when it was rumored Bobby Valentine was going to be named the United States ambassador to Japan and we all thought it was so crazy when, in reality, it might just be the sanest idea Donald Trump has had since taking office?

Things just got weirder. Again.

Wednesday, the New York Post reported that Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria was being considered for the position of ambassador to France for some reason. According to the Post, White House chief of staff Reince Priebus has even received the “sign off” to make it happen.

Coincidentally, this all comes on the heels of Loria’s “handshake agreement” to sell the team for a whopping $1.6 billion to a group consisting of prominent New York City real estate developer Joshua Kushner.

Now, if Kushner’s name sounds familiar at all it’s not because you spend way too much time on Zillow (or wherever real estate groupies go)…it’s because his brother Jared is married to Trump’s daughter Ivanka and dude just so happens to be one of the president’s top advisers.

Do people not see the problem here? Common sense would be that you can’t sell your team to the president’s daughter’s brother-in-law in exchange for a government gig, right?

But don’t worry…the Kushners are attempting to clean everything up. Late Wednesday night, the family released the following statement.

That’s great and all, but let’s step back for a minute and look at the big picture here.

Back in October, Loria donated $125,000 to the Trump campaign. Less than three weeks into Trump’s presidency, he seemingly agreed to sell his baseball team to the president’s son-in-law’s brother. Days later, Loria was offered an ambassadorship to France.

Nah…nothing fishy going on. Not at all.

Spring training can’t start soon enough.


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