For Future Reference ... of DOOM!!!

For Future Reference ... of DOOM!!!


For Future Reference ... of DOOM!!!

I bring this up because it’s vaguely important. But former Rangers pitching coach Tom House thinks that Noah Syndergaard will be injured by early June … which would suck because I’m pre-planning a trip to Arlington and Atlanta in early June and if he’s f*cking hurt and I dropped $2,000 on a road trip, I’m going to be pissed.

But enough about me, let’s see what Tom House has to say:

“Unfortunately, this is an injury waiting to happen by the second week of June,” House said by telephone. “Unless you’re picking up a ball while you’re getting stronger, you’re just adding muscle that doesn’t know how to throw. It’s unskilled muscle.”

This was obviously in reference to Syndergaard adding 17 pounds of muscle while eating bowls of venison and growing deer antlers under his blonde mane.

When asked to estimate the chances of Syndergaard getting injured, House said, “There’s a 60 to 63 percent likelihood. I’m sure he feels great today, I’m sure he’s throwing well. But what he’s done is the worst-case scenario.”

Wait, 60 to 63 percent? That’s awfully specific. Like … creepily specific as if Tom House had a high-powered computer or something. Kinda weird if you ask me. Damn old-timey players and their injury sabermetrics.

The good part is that Syndergaard had a measured response to all of this.

“I pitched [almost] 200 innings [in each of] the last two years, that’s why,” Syndergaard said. “I get what [House] is saying. He might be right if I was bunched up and tight. But my arm is loose, my flexibility is good. I’m not worried.”

And the most important part is that he feels good, which is most of the battle. It was the next statement in Bob Klapisch’s article which is the ominous statement for me:

Syndergaard’s comfort level is bolstered by the Mets’ belief that throwing less, not more, is the key to injury prevention.

So ask yourself this: Do you trust the Mets belief on anything when it comes to injury prevention? This isn’t to say that Syndergaard is definitely done by early June (remember, House only said 63% … which is still freaking weird). But the Mets don’t exactly have a good track record when it comes to their belief in anything related to injuries and good ligament health. I want to have a good feeling about this. And I honestly think that there’s a good chance, say 37%, that Syndergaard will get through the season without injury. And whatever happens, I’m not sure this proves anything one way or the other because everybody is different. Noah Syndergaard will most likely prove to be such a freak that he’ll be on the mound for the Mets come October.

But my only point is this: If House is right, then holy hell the Mets are going to take a ton of flack. They would anyway even without House’s quotes. House’s words just give this an extra chilling ring. And perhaps if House is right, it will finally be time for a re-evaluation of what the Mets believe when it comes to this kind of stuff? Maybe?

Ahhhh, what am I saying. 37% is pretty good odds. I’ll go make those hotel reservations.



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