Rapid Reaction: Cavs Hold Steady at Deadline

Rapid Reaction: Cavs Hold Steady at Deadline


Rapid Reaction: Cavs Hold Steady at Deadline

It seemed as if the Cavaliers were involved in a great deal of trade talk. First, there was the speculation about a Kevin Love for Carmelo Anthony trade, which was dispatched quickly. Then, there were the speculations of Ricky Rubio, Patrick Beverley, and others.

Ultimately, the Cavaliers stayed pat at the deadline. It is certainly a decision that will be scrutinized, but is ultimately the correct decision for the franchise.

In all honesty, I am somewhat surprised that the Cavaliers made no moves at all. Iman Shumpert was a hot commodity around the league and it seemed as if they Cavaliers were dead set on acquiring a backup point guard. At the very least, it is surprising that the Cavaliers made no moves to rearrange the end of their bench to free up an additional roster spot, given the free agents to which the Cavaliers have been linked. Deron Williams has been waived by the Dallas Mavericks and is believed to be headed to Cleveland as early as Saturday after he clears waivers.

A major reason the Cavaliers stood firm at the trade deadline was the addition of another Williams: Derrick. Even before the injury to Kevin Love, the Cavaliers were in the market for an athletic defender who could guard both on the perimeter and around the basket, all while not being a liability on the offensive end. In his short time in Cleveland, Williams has filled that role even better than could be reasonably expected. Williams signed a second 10-day contract with the Cavaliers and all indications are that he will be with the Cavaliers for the stretch run.

There still may be some drama, however. If and when the Cavaliers sign Deron Williams, they will have filled their final roster spot. Big man Larry Sanders worked out with the Cavs on Wednesday and Andrew Bogut is expected to be bought out after being traded to the Sixers. Both are enticing options for the Cavaliers, who are in need of extra rim protection outside of Tristan Thompson. A subsequent move would have to be made to free up a roster spot if the Cavs hope to add either big man.

If the Cavaliers hope to add Bogut, there may be an extra layer of drama yet: The Warrior’s may be interested in bringing Bogut back to the Bay Area after allowing him to walk this summer as they made room for Kevin Durant.

The Cavaliers’ fortitude may, in fact, pay off. After all, this Cavaliers lineup won a championship just eight months ago. If Deron Williams falls into their lap, the Cavaliers will have filled their needs without having to part with their current assets and without having to mess with their chemistry.

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