Nelly+ Frank Save The Reputation Of St. Louis' Culinary Scene

Nelly+ Frank Save The Reputation Of St. Louis' Culinary Scene


Nelly+ Frank Save The Reputation Of St. Louis' Culinary Scene

Niche. Elaia. Sidney Street. Tony’s.

St. Louis is many things, but it most certainly is not a barren wasteland of chain restaurants and gas station corndogs. In fact, I’d argue that Ian Froeb’s STL 100 is one of the more competitive city-based foodie lists to get on to. And that’s before we talk about t-ravs.

Mmmmm. T-RAVS.

So it was a bit surprising to see former MLB catcher Mike Piazza do a drive-by on the STL culinary scene in a recent NY Times article on his ownership of an Italian soccer team.

From Deadspin:

The conversation at halftime turned to the region’s famous gastronomic tradition, or as Piazza called it, “the other reason I bought the team.” He breathlessly cataloged the area’s cured meats: “The prosciutto, the bresaola, the coppa, the mortadella — that’s all here.”

Noting that he had met with groups aiming for expansion franchises in Major League Soccer before buying Reggiana, he said: “I’d rather be poor in Italy than based in St. Louis. You can’t get a good meal there!”


Good thing we have Nelly and Frank Cusumano. Because St. Louis’ favorite sons came to the rescue of our city.

First, Frank:

Then Nelly:

And of course Nelly knew just where to take Mike for some great Italian:

Looks like Mr. Piazza has learned his lesson:

No word, as of yet, about when and where this historic meal between Nelly, Frank and Piazza will take place. But if (when) it happens, we’ll be sure to keep you up to date.

Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you… when I was looking for more info on this story, I searched ‘Nelly Piazza’ and there are a surprising number of people with that exact name on Facebook. Wonder if they should also be invited to the meal, too?


Photo: Michael Piazza Photography

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