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Light Reading

I’m really going to try not to be that jerk that tries to sell you stuff at every turn. Really, I’m going to try.

But I do want to announce that after ten plus years of blogging, I have finally followed the lead of real authors like Greg Prince (whose new book Piazza is on shelves now so go get it) and with the help of a good friend, I am now a published author.


Clicking this picture takes you straight to Amazon … yeah, it’s on Amazon!

Josh Chapdelaine from has invited me on his various podcasts for years, and we have been teaming up for the last half year on “The Burgerball Podcast”. So it was inevitable that we were going to try to write a book together. What I didn’t realize was that we were going to write one this soon. But Josh said to me “let’s do a preseason preview!” So I said “okay!” Problem was that it was already February and I’m all like “how the hell am I going to do this? I can barely read!” So I crawled into a hole for three weeks in my mom’s basement (get it? Because I’m a blogger!) and worked on it. And Josh brought the heat with his pieces on Lucas Duda, Matt Harvey, and made a case to bring back his muse, Kelly Johnson. Me? I wrote 10,000 words crying about the old days because I’m a grumpy old man.

We also put together some predictions and some projections for you to read and reference too. Basically, Reassembling The Avengers is our blogs and our podcast on steroids. (Get it? Because I’m a …) We know that you have a choice in Mets publications, and we appreciate you choosing ours. I’m not going to snow you and tell you that this is the Great American Novel. It’s 80 pages. But what I can tell you is that we put our hearts and souls into these 80 pages, and we think it shines through in the publication. And with a Kindle price of three bucks, you won’t feel like you got ripped off even if you hated it. Now I don’t think you’ll hate it. But if you do, I’ll buy you an iced latte from Dunkin Donuts.

So if this is your cup of tea, we suggest you spend a few bucks and check the book out. Hopefully, it’s the appetizer to a main course that we have cooking. So go on over to Amazon and after you buy Piazza, give us a shot as well.

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