Well Hello Mr. Fancypants. BRUINS WIN!!!!

Well Hello Mr. Fancypants. BRUINS WIN!!!!


Well Hello Mr. Fancypants. BRUINS WIN!!!!

<![CDATA[I'm really struggling to come up with a clever opening paragraph for this recap, so instead just press play on this and if you watch the whole thing you'll know why I've included it.

Also I should note: NSFW.

Last night the Bruins beat the Devils 3-2. It could and maybe should have been 4-2 but we'll talk about that when we get there.

Torey Krug got a beautiful power play goal last night:

I still really love Krug. I don't even care what everyone else may think about him. Krug is talented and has the ability to really contribute out there to the tune of 36 assists this season so far. I could go into more reasons Me + Krug = True Love but I will let it go for now.

Brandon Carlo scored his first goal at TD Garden last night. Did you know that he hadn't scored at home yet?

Also scoring for the Bruins was perpetual darling Ryan Spooner.

Off a nice feed from Drew Stafford.


-Drew Stafford but I’m going to need you to bear with me on this one because we’re going to go places. Last night Drewnicorn had a fantastic game and should have actually had a goal of his own but it was called back for goaltender interference. He did manage to set up Ryan Spooner’s tie breaking goal which was very lovely indeed.

BUT, I’ve seen this before. This whole “Drew Stafford on a new team comes out hard and scores goals and makes great plays” thing that we saw last night is exactly what he did when he was traded to Winnipeg from Buffalo. This version of Drew Stafford we witnessed last night hasn’t been seen in Winnipeg for quite some time now but let me tell you this: he started off red hot in Winnipeg too. Goals, assists, hard hits, beautiful plays, all of it right after the trade. Now granted he did have an injury that impacted his play but at the end of his time with Winnipeg he was logging 4th line minutes and struggling to keep up. I don’t want to presume to know that this is how he’s going to be in Boston, but I’m cautious with Stafford because I’ve been fooled once before and you know what they say:

-Anton Khudobin won his third straight game for the Bruins this season last night. I’m cautiously optimistic that he’s going to keep getting better and better and turn into a solid back up again. I believe in you Dobby. I BELIEVE IN YOU.

-Ryan Spooner, look at you go! If anything was to come out of the Claude Julien firing it would be that this child would regain some confidence and start playing like he is capable of and guess what? In the last 5 games he’s put up two goals and two assists with one of those goals coming on the power play. He’s slowly turning into more than just semi-functional trade bait that the Bruins keep around for funsies and I couldn’t be more pleased for him.

-Taylor Hall with all of the penalties and struggles will always make my heart sing. I love that stupid Ken doll so much.



-Adam MCQuaid ended up with stitches after an incident that could have gone way worse occurred. There was a collision in the third and Backes went down but his skate came up and clipped McQuaid’s throat. McQuaid literally dropped everything and ran to the bench for medical attention and ended up with stitches but my god that could have been so bad. Whenever skates meet necks I have visions of Clint Malarchuk in my brain and it’s so scary. Super glad he’s okay overall.

-Goaltender interference was called on what could have been Drew Stafford’s first goal as a Bruin. If I’m being real here, yeah. It does look like goaltender interference which is bunk.


-The state of your city mate.

“It was a bit of a strange night. I saw the wave here [at TD Garden] for the first time in a long time.” –Bruce Cassidy, on a night full of weird events that the B’s managed to fight through to get the 3-2 win over the Devils.


-Is Drew Stafford going to maintain his productivity long term?
-How ecstatic must Spooner be right now that Julien’s gone? I mean, yeah he’s spoken about it in the press and such but he had to remain professional. I want to know his REAL deep down thoughts.
-Why am I using this banner instead of uploading the new one? Why don’t my embedded tweets work? WHY???
-Why do people still do the wave?
-If I just took some cold and flu medicine like 2 hours ago but it did nothing I should be okay to take more right now right? RIGHT???



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