More allegations that Jimmy Butler is trouble

More allegations that Jimmy Butler is trouble

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More allegations that Jimmy Butler is trouble

Something to consider if the Celtics continue their pursuit of the Bulls’ Jimmy Butler:

Yet the belief persists in front office circles that Butler is no fan of Hoiberg. In fact, a scout with a rival team told Bleacher Report he’s witnessed persistent episodes when Butler, Rondo and Wade have ignored plays Hoiberg has called.

“When Fred would call plays on the sideline, Rondo would just flat-out blow him off,” said the scout, who spoke with Bleacher Report on the condition of anonymity. “Wade does it, too. Butler does it, too. … That becomes infectious.”

Rondo, of course, is a known freelancer; ignoring Rick Carlisle’s play calls was one of the factors that got him bounced out of Dallas. But Butler? The face of the franchise and the centerpiece around whom the team has decided to build? That’s troubling—and supports a belief in front office circles that the only reason Forman and Paxson entertained trade proposals for Butler was because dealing him would protect Hoiberg.

“Getting rid of Butler saves Fred’s job,” another person in the NBA coaching business said. “Otherwise, malaise continues.”

It’s often best not to pass judgement unless you’ve walked a mile in another man’s shoes. (I believe that’s a proverb or something.) But since passing judgement is what bloggers do, I’ll go ahead and dish: Jimmy Butler sounds like a diva.

Absolutely nothing about this guy screams, leader. There have been multiple reports of his poor attitude.

I understand the Bulls are a total sh*t show. Rondo has taken his stubborn a-hole act to new levels. Dwyane Wade is running on fumes and DGAF. Fred Hoiberg might be the worst coach in the NBA and the front-office is clueless. But rather than rise up and lead, Butler has fallen back like a teen easily influenced by his class clown pals.

I’m not saying Butler wouldn’t work in Boston. I’m just saying Danny Ainge needs to think twice before giving up the farm for this guy.

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