Andre Holmes Q n A with @LeviDamien of @SilverBlakPride

Andre Holmes Q n A with @LeviDamien of @SilverBlakPride

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Andre Holmes Q n A with @LeviDamien of @SilverBlakPride

With the draft slowly creeping upon us, I’ve started to turn my focus entirely on the 3 day human trafficking experience. Joe, however, is the master of interviews – getting a solid one from a local blog’s perspective on titular new #2 WR Andre Holmes, via SB Nation’s Levi Damien.

Levi is the Editor In Chief for the SB Nation Raiders site Silver & Black Pride. Follow him on twitter @LeviDamien. Now with that out of the way, enjoy the insight!

1) What are the pros and cons to his game?

He is a big bodied receiver, so he makes for a decent red zone target. Though he rarely seems to win those sideline jump balls you’d expect him to win. If he found that part of his game, he could be dominant. But he has never taken the next step in his development in that area. Where Holmes really shines is on special teams. He is great on coverage teams and several times saved a punt from going into the end zone where they could be downed at or near the one-yard-line.

2) Why did his numbers drop from 2014 to his last two seasons?

Simply put, he dropped in the depth chart. When he had his best season, the Raiders were without Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree. Holmes was part of one of the worst receiving corps in the league so he got more looks. Since Coop and Crab came on board, Holmes has fallen to fourth on the receiver depth chart behind Seth Roberts. Though when Crabtree went out with injury for a series last year, it was Holmes who came in for him because Roberts is the team’s slot receiver while Holmes is limited to the boundary.

3) Do you think he can be a #2 WR for the Bills?

He can. He has been a number two before. But get ready to be disappointed when he fails to win 50/50 balls it seems he should win.

4) How is he on run blocking ability down the field?

He is a great blocker. You’ll see it on special teams as well.

5) How is he in the red zone and what sort of things does he still have to work on?

There are times when he will make that fade catch or pluck a ball above a smaller corner or one with his back turned. But his inconsistency in that area will likely frustrate you.

6) Anything else you’d like to add?

I think we covered it.

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