Goalie "Controversy". Bruins Shutout Stars 2-0.

Goalie "Controversy". Bruins Shutout Stars 2-0.


Goalie "Controversy". Bruins Shutout Stars 2-0.

I’ve been home with a sick child since Wednesday so bear with me while I get my bearings. I may come off a little crass, but those with sick children know what it’s like to be an unpaid nurse/butler and I have a lot built up inside of me.

  1. Fuck everyone who called into sports radio, tweeted at us (@Daysofyorr) and pontificated that Tuukka Rask isn’t a #1 goaltender. Rask lost four straight games, including two back-to-backs and people immediately started jumping all over him. They completely disregarded that he started in four games in six nights and played well enough to win in that game vs. Toronto. Get your fucking “Rask can’t steal games“, “Rask doesn’t show up when it counts” and “Rask is soft” takes and shove them directly up your corn hole. Without Tuukka Rask, the Bruins aren’t in a playoff hunt.
  2. Boston is such a fucking “What have you done for me lately” town that people have completely forgotten that Anton Khudobin puked on his shoes the first half of the season. He’s finally starting to look like a competent backup, but if he did this at the beginning of the season Rask wouldn’t have to play 4 games in 6 nights.

Tuukka Rask haters last week are requesting that Michael Flynn immunity from the shit they’re about to receive.

I’m sure there will be lots of subtweeting, but feel free to @ me directly (@PezDOY). I can’t blame Rask for signing a $7M per year contract just like I don’t blame Backes for signing his contract. I never fault the player, I fault management. If people want to blame the Rask contract on anyone, blame Peter Chiarelli. He’s the one who signed him to it after Rask was coming off of a Vezina year.

Will Rask ever be a 70+ game goalie? No. Accept it. He plays better at 55-60 and if he’s putting up incredible numbers (like he did in 2013) or good numbers (like he did in 2014) – why do you give a shit?

I’ll have more in my brand new podcast “Pez Says”, coming soon!

So the Bruins, eh?!

I’ll be honest with you guys. Last night was a game that the “old” Bruins lose. They’re facing a bad Dallas Stars team that has elite level forward talent, no defense and a sieve betwixt the pipes. Usually Boston would play down to that competition and the game ends at a 2-1 or 3-2 nail biter because Tyler Seguin or Jamie Benn are given space and allowed to rip shots from the faceoff dots.

These Bruins though?

Boston did an excellent job of locking down their defensive end of the ice and getting in front of shots. The Bruins blocked 17 shots and Rask still had to make 27 saves to preserve the shutout. Every game going down the stretch is a big game and this Bruins team has showed up the past couple of nights. The Stars may be a bag of shit skating towards the end of a bad season, but the Predators?

They’re a playoff team with the best group of offensive defensemen in the NHL.

Let’s take a look at the standings after last night’s slate of games:

Like Big Wool likes to say:

27 saves. Shut out.

Goal #38. Point #83.

Marchand has set a new career high in goals and points last night. The Brad Marchand Is Elite train keeps on rolling. I expect you all to be on board by now.

Krug’s power play goal last night was fucking magnificent. Look at this:

Everything about this was wonderful. In the video, you can see Krug on the left side slowly inch his way down the ice and get behind the defenseman. He quickly realizes that no one is paying attention to him and has so much open ice that he can virtually do whatever he wants. Then…it happens:

Pasta goes into Max Payne bullet time and hits Krug directly on the stick and all Krug has to do it angle it by Niemi.

Fucking bingo, bango, bongo.

If the Dallas Stars were on the Great British Baking Show, their signature dish would be called the “Neutral Zone Turnover”.

Thank you, I’ll be here all day. Try the veal, support us on Patreon. This is quality content guys.

The regular season is such a grind in March and April. Seriously, cut the season down to 76 games and let’s get the fucking playoffs started already.

This week’s ‘The Optional Skate’ podcast is fucking incredible. Make sure you have your headphones on, this one is extra NSFW.

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