Brad Dominates Late At Martinsville

Brad Dominates Late At Martinsville

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Brad Dominates Late At Martinsville

Monster Energy Drivers were back to Martinsville for the first short track race of the season.  This was the first race of the season where qualifying was cancelled due to weather.

Kyle Larson got to lead a bunch  of laps early in this race as Brad Keslelowski got hot and took the race lead around lap 24.  As the long green lag run continued Kyle Larson started to lose some spots.  At lap 70 it was caution time as Ricky Stenhouse Jr. spins out.  The leaders pit and Brad Keslowski won the race off pit road, but picked up a speeding penalty on pit road.

The penalty helped get Denny Hamlin into the race lead.  Around 27 laps left Jamie McMurray had some tire problems, but stayed out.  Three laps later he fully smacks the wall finishing his race day.  Cars up front do pit while some cars including Brad Keseloski stay out.

“Made a decision to stay out,” said Jamie McMurray.

We get a short green flag run and with 8 laps left to go in the stage Dale Earnhardt Jr. spins out to bring out the caution.  The next short green flag run ended the stage with Mart Truexd Jr. winning it.

The second state had Kyle Busch lead a whole bunch of laps as he did not pit under the last caution.  Around lap 14 it was damage time for Daniel Suarez.  The long green flag run continued and when we got to the final 10 laps of the stage Kyle Busch was still in the race lead by a over 2 seconds, but encountering some heavy traffic with a bunch of cars that could go one laps down.  Chase Elliott was second and closing quickly. Kyle Got to put Ricky Stenhouse Jr. one lap down, but on the final lap Ricky tapped Kyle Busch out the way to get back on the lead laps this caused Chase Elliot to get the race lead and the win of the second stage.

The caution brought in the leaders and Chase Elliott kept the race lead.  As the third started off Kyle Busch took the race lead as he was showing a good tire rub.  Then at lap 278 we get a debris caution.  A new short green flag run occurs and at lap 288 we get the next caution as Austin Dillion, Kurt Busch, Daniel Suarez.  After the race restarted Kurt Busch brings out the caution again at lap 296.  At lap 309 after another short green flag run Gray Gaulding spins out to bring out the caution.  We get a new caution at lap 334 for Reed Sorenson that spins out.  This caution did bring in the leaders with Kyle Busch keeping the race lead.

We get another good green flag with Kyle Busch leading more laps and with 110 laps to go Jeffery Earnhardt spins out to bring out the caution.  The caution brings in the leaders and Kyle Busch easily wins the race off pit road.  We get a short green flag run this time and Kyle Busch lost the lead to Brad Keselowski with 95 laps left.  On the next lap Matt Dibenedetto wrecks to bring out the caution.

When the race restarted it was only a couple laps and Kyle Busch was back to the race lead.  With 82 laps left Denny Hamlin, Danica Patrick and a bunch more cars wreck together.  With 75 laps left the race restarted and Brad Kesleowski was able to get the race lead after a few laps.  With 69 laps left Martin Truex Jr. spins out to bring out the caution.

The next green flag drop was the final one. Brad Keselowski was able to get the race lead and then started to pull out a couple second lead over Kyle Busch.  The laps quickly went down and Brad Keselowski easily won the race.

“Glad to bring one back as a driver,” said Brad Keselwoski.

Kyle Busch said the car went to junk on the final four tires.

“Had a fast car on restarts,” said Austin Dillion.

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