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By David Saltzer, Senior Writer

Over the weekend, I was talking with one of my friends, Chad, about the start of the upcoming 2017 season. And, he said to me that outside of his favorite team (the Cubs), up until a few years ago, he didn’t follow the other teams and leagues as much unless he had something vested in the game—maybe a $1 bet or so. When he got into fantasy baseball, it made more games a lot more interesting for him.

Knowing that many others on might feel the same way, I reached out to a website called

In no way am I recommending online betting. I don’t know the legality of it and would suggest you check up on that before engaging in any online bets. And, I don’t personally bet online, and haven’t used this site. But, they were kind enough to provide some information about the odds for various bets, and for that I am very appreciative.

So, look below, pick a stat, and share which ones you’d take or which ones you wouldn’t make.

Here are some of the odds concerning the American League:

(Again, all these odds are as provided to me from Other sites may have different odds.)

Odds to Win the AL West
Houston Astros +105
Los Angeles Angels +900
Oakland Athletics +2500
Seattle Mariners +300
Texas Rangers +325



Odds to win the American League
Baltimore Orioles +1800
Boston Red Sox +340
Chicago White Sox +6600
Cleveland Indians +350
Detroit Tigers +1400
Houston Astros +500
Kansas City Royals +2200
Los Angeles Angels +4000
Minnesota Twins +8000
New York Yankees +1200
Oakland Athletics +8000
Seattle Mariners +1100
Tampa Bay Rays +3300
Texas Rangers +1100
Toronto Blue Jays +1000




2017 MLB Home Run Leader (Top 10)
Chris Davis (BAL) +800
Giancarlo Stanton (MIA) +800
Nolan Arenado (COL) +800
Kris Bryant (CHC) +900
Nelson Cruz (SEA) +1400
Edwin Encarnacion (CLE) +1400
Mark Trumbo (BAL) +1400
Manny Machado (BAL) +1400
Mike Trout (LAA) +1600
Josh Donaldson (TOR) +2000



Odds to win the 2017 American League MVP Award
Mike Trout (LAA) +125
Josh Donaldson (TOR) +650
Manny Machado (BAL) +650
Mookie Betts (BOS) +750
Carlos Correa (HOU) +1000

Here are some of the odds specifically related to the Angels

2017 Home Run Leader

Mike Trout (LAA) +1600 (Bet $100 to profit $1600)

Albert Pujols (LAA) +10000 (Bet $100 to profit $10000)

2017 Regular Season MVP

Mike Trout (LAA) +125 (Bet $100 to profit $125)

2017 Regular Season Batting Average For Mike Trout Over .301

Yes -125 (Bet $125 to profit $100)

No -105 (Bet $105 to profit $100)

Total Stolen Bases by Mike Trout (LAA) 

Over 22½ Stolen Bases -130 (Bet $130 to Profit $100)

Under 22½ Stolen Bases +100 (Bet $100 to Profit $100)

Total Home Runs by Mike Trout (LAA) 

Over 33½ Home Runs +100 (Bet $100 to Profit $100)

Under 33½ Home Runs -130 (Bet $130 to Profit $100)

Los Angeles Angels to Make the 2017 Playoffs

Yes +325 (Bet $100 to Profit $325)

No -450 (Bet $450 to Profit $100)

Total Regular Season Wins — Los Angeles Angels

Over 79½ Wins -120 (Bet $120 to profit $100)

Under 79½ Wins -110 (Bet $110 to profit $100)

To Win American League Pennant

Los Angeles Angels +4000 (Bet $100 to Profit $4000)

To Win 2017 World Series

Los Angeles Angels +8000 (Bet $100 to Profit $8000)

To Win American League West

Los Angeles Angels +900 (Bet $100 to Profit $900)

Putting it all together, it looks like this site’s odds are that Trout will hit 34 HRs, exactly 300, and will steal 22 bases on route to his 3rd MVP title. Unfortunately, that won’t be enough for the Angels to win more than 80 games, and the team will finish in 4th place.

Personally, I don’t know about that. I’d take the over on wins for the Angels. I’d take the over on Trout’s HR totals and SB totals for the year. If we consider making a “playoff game” to include the chance of the Angels playing a 1-game tie-breaker to make it as the last Wild Card team, I’d take the odds of the Angels making the 2017 playoffs. And, since Trout will be propelling us to the playoffs this year, I’d take the bet that he will win another MVP award.

What do you think?

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