FINAL RECAP WITH HIGHLIGHTS: Stephen Curry With More Wizardry, Warriors (64-14) Defeat Minnesota Timberwolves (31-46), 121-107

FINAL RECAP WITH HIGHLIGHTS: Stephen Curry With More Wizardry, Warriors (64-14) Defeat Minnesota Timberwolves (31-46), 121-107


FINAL RECAP WITH HIGHLIGHTS: Stephen Curry With More Wizardry, Warriors (64-14) Defeat Minnesota Timberwolves (31-46), 121-107

ORACLE ARENA, OAKLAND, CA — This is a continuation of the halftime recap of the Minnesota Timberwolves at the Golden State Warriors.

The Warriors took a 68-60 lead into halftime.

Q3: Stephin’ Curry

Zaza Pachulia got swatted by Karl-Anthony Towns to start the third quarter, but Klay Thompson stayed on-point and drilled a triple, Matt Barnes added a lefty scoop after a Timberwolves miss, and after Towns hit a trey up top, Stephen Curry dissected the Minnesota defense and dropped a pass in the lane for Pachulia for an easy bucket.

Wolves head coach Tom Thibodeau called a timeout, hoping to improve their defense, but it didn’t work as Andrew Wiggins threw the ball away on the next possession, leading to a run-out steal and two-hand slam by Curry:

Wiggins did well to answer quickly with a spinning drive, but Steph stayed aggressive and bumped off Ricky Rubio on the left baseline for a step-back jumper:

Zaza then boarded another miss by the Wolves, took some time in traffic to get the outlet to Thompson, who then found Matt Barnes in the corner for another splash.

That gave the Warriors an 82-71 lead with 7:13 remaining, and Thibodeau called another timeout.

Out of the timeout, Draymond Green stole the ball, leading to a Klay up-fake from the left wing, drawing the close-out, and going in strong for the lay-in down the lane.

Green smelled blood, challenged Rubio on the inbound, forcing Gorgui Dieng, the inbounder, to call timeout to avoid a five-second call.

Out of the timeout, Dieng shorted a jumper and Steph found Barnes, who lasered in a pass down low to a wide-open Pachulia, and Klay followed that with a jumper, although he ignored a wide-open Draymond in the corner in the process.

Later, Curry hit a three from the top, then got a deflection, tapped the ball to himself perfectly at the left arc in front of the Wolves’ bench, and swished the shot upon ball recovery:

“Thibs” called yet another timeout, leaving him with just one twenty-second remaining for the game with still 4:29 remaining in the third period, the Warriors taking a 94-75 lead.

Wiggins hit an and-one trey out of the timeout, but after a Minnesota miss, Curry pushed the ball to left side and dished off a cross-court sling pass to Thompson on the right arc for three more.

Wiggins lost the ball to Steph on the next sequence, Curry attacked and got away with a double-dribble, although he added some razzle-dazzle to it by flinging a lefty behind-the-back no-look pass to Andre Iguodala, who scored a reverse layup:

The Timberwolves were pissed and Rubio screamed at the ref on the dribble up-court, to no avail.

The Warriors weren’t done. A couple possessions later, Steph missed from distance up top, and JaVale McGee smashed home the put-back.

Curry added a right-side running banker on the next sequence, Adreian Payne came in and got a three, then dished inside to Omri Casspi who got a bucket at the rim goal-tended by JaVale, Steph drew two free throws on a cut, but he missed one, and Iguodala made a jumper too late at the buzzer from the right baseline.

The Warriors took a 104-86 lead into the final frame.


[headed to the tunnel to film the Warriors again, will try to finish later]

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Ap 109-94
Mb top air, … klay draw 110-94 39p
… dw touch pass klay **** left 112-94
Shab dunk and one 112-97
Dw to klay to dw 114-97
… klay left corn 3 dw oreb put and one timeout kerr 116-97 5:45

Dw ft 117-97

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