What Do Seth Lugo and I Have In Common?

What Do Seth Lugo and I Have In Common?


What Do Seth Lugo and I Have In Common?

Well, we both need rest. And neither of us can adequately blame the World Baseball Classic for our predicaments.

Lugo has a slight UCL tear in his pitching elbow, and will depend on platelet rich plasma and rest to get himself healthy. Say what you want about the max effort he put into the WBC last month. But pitchers’ ligaments tear and stretch over time. They tear and stretch in August just as they tear and stretch in March. If Lugo’s UCL was torn, it was going to get torn no matter what. If not March, then April. May. It was going to happen. The Mets had 97 pitchers hurt last season with the WBC in mothballs. There’s no way I’m blaming that tournament for what happened to Lugo.

Meanwhile, it seems that I’ve licked pneumonia only to pick up Influenza B, which means I’m bedridden. So I can’t go to tomorrow night’s Two Boots watch party in the East Village. But if you want to, here are the details:

I’ll instead be here at my own Tamiflu Boots watch party, which you aren’t invited to because I’m quarantined. My cat is bringing the snacks as we watch Jacob deGrom vs Bartolo Colon. Try not to envy me.

Today’s Hate List

  1. Influenza B
  2. Pneumonia
  3. Surgical Masks
  4. Nasal Swabs
  5. Yadier Molina

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