The Aftermath Game #79: Blue Jackets @ Penguins

The Aftermath Game #79: Blue Jackets @ Penguins

Blue Jackets

The Aftermath Game #79: Blue Jackets @ Penguins

The season is nearly over and the Blue Jackets are sliding hard. They lost yesterday to the Penguins by the score of 4-1 and it has made for a rough, rough end to an otherwise special year. There were glimpses of this team and

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good: Brandon Dubinsky

While Dubinsky had the short handed goal, he was also a -3 on the game. Many are going to point to this and tell you he had a bad game. When in fact, he actually didn’t. He was a 66% CF at even strength and he did it playing against one of the best in Sidney Crosby. If the Jackets can even get a tiny bit of that, they’ll thoroughly enjoy the type of player they get against the Penguins.

As it becomes more and more likely the two teams will face off, they need to plan for a proper face off between the two sides.

The Bad: Lack of Offense

The Jackets once again were only able to score one goal. It was a shorthanded goal at that. They’re getting there chances but they can’t seem to put it in the back of the net. They are going to need an act of god to get that offense going. Playing against the Jets and Flyers should help remedy that but if they aren’t able to get it together, it could end up being a short postseason.

The Ugly: Sergei Bobrovsky

Bobrovsky has had a couple of below average appearances and not all of it can be put on him as the team has let him down quite a few times. Nonetheless, seeing your goalie fall apart in times like this it is a very difficult sight. It remains to be seen how many games he will get to end the season but it isn’t a great look for him going into the postseason slumping.

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