Stine debunks Richard Sherman to Eagles trade rumor

Stine debunks Richard Sherman to Eagles trade rumor


Stine debunks Richard Sherman to Eagles trade rumor

Steve Tine, aka Stine, our long-time contributor to the Bored of Evergreen, has a few choice words for those who believe the Eagles are going to go broke for an all-out attempt to snag cornerback extraordinaire Richard Sherman:

“I personally do NOT want the Eagles to trade away their No. 1 Pick, for anyone. Sure Sherman is an all pro. But he is also playing in front of 2 all pro safeties and is 29. No GM is going to give away a #1 pick for him. If he is so valuable, why is Seattle shopping him now? I question this move by Seattle. If they would consider our 2 round pick then I might take it, but never a #1 pick.”

” I hear all of this talk that the Eagles are signing veterans to 1-year contracts, but you need to ask why would they do that? It is fairly obvious that the Eagles know there is no way to address all of their needs with one draft, so signing 4-to-5 veteran players to 1-year deals is the perfect solution. Now they can handle their future needs with the next two drafts. Sherman is a great CB. But he is 29 and only plays on one side of the field. How can he cover Beckham, Bryant and all other #1 WR’s if they play on the other side? Who is going to help him out deep when the WR gets past him because he has slowed down?”

“One last point must be discussed. By trading away your 1st and 2nd round picks, you are robbing your team of cap space.  Number One picks are on rookie contracts for 5 years and 2nd or 3rd round picks are 3-4 year contracts for much less money. It enables your GM to sign a star or two, yet keeps the Cap manageable. Chip Kelly screwed us personnel-wise when he had control, and it is going to take a couple years to get that situation right. Howie Roseman also screwed up a couple contracts, but I feel he has done well for the most part. One of his strengths has always been Cap Management.”

The Sherman to Philly rumor got stirred up when the Miami Herald claimed recently that the Seattle Seahawks have set an asking price for a trade for Sherman.

To wit:

Seahawks set asking price for Richard Sherman, and it ain’t cheap

by Marcelo Villa

The Seattle Seahawks are open to trading Richard Sherman, but interested teams can expect to pay a very high asking price for the four-time Pro Bowl cornerback.

The Miami Herald‘s Armando Salguero reports the Seahawks want “a very good player plus a high draft pick” for Sherman, who is owed $22.4 million over the next two years. Salguero also writes that Sherman “has some leverage in deciding where he would play,” which likely eliminates any team not in a position to compete for a Super Bowl next season.

Sherman told MMQB there is “very little chance” he gets traded. With a high-asking price and an expensive contract to boot, it doesn’t appear that Sherman will be getting moved any time soon, but there are plenty of teams that could use a shutdown corner, which don’t become available all that often.

Visions of the Nnamdi Asomugha debacle perhaps dancing in your head? I guess it’s possible the Eagles might chance rolling the dice again on a very high-priced veteran corner. But Stine says don’t bet on it. And the last thing we need is the spectacle of another diva eating lunch by himself in his Mercedes in the Eagles parking lot.


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