LaDainian Still Deserves Better

LaDainian Still Deserves Better


LaDainian Still Deserves Better

This is crazy.  I feel awful for San Diegans and hate what Dean Spanos has done.  All the city has is the hope of an MLS team?  The Traitors will be in Vegas in two years and they may even sign Marshawn Lynch.  But the Bolts are coming off another last place finish and really have bigger problems than The Team Currently Residing In Oakland.  But those in San Diego who wanted them to relocate there don’t even have that hope.

But I don’t think LaDainian Tomlinson should be their scapegoat.  Yes, I gave away all my LT stuff when he ended up on the Jets.  That included an autographed football.  But he’s not at fault for the move and shouldn’t be blamed for it.  He’s not a sellout for taking a job with the team, as recently maintained.


Speaking of soccer, remember when Steve Sanders had his Super Bowl party at the Peach Pit After Dark?  There were a few C/-/ARGERS jerseys there.  But there was also that Tom Miller guy who looked like Mark Ruffalo in Spotlight.  Needless to say, he was even older looking than the rest of the gang.  I only mention this episode in case you are on  You don’t want to make the mistake that Steve and Dick Harrison made.  Football means something different to the rest of the world.  Things rarely work out as well as they did on 90210 although I wish they would.

I’ll be back later in the week as I have some time off for Passover.  Don’t forget to check out The Ten Commandments on ABC next Saturday.  It’s quite the guilty pleasure.

This installment, albeit short, of JIC is dedicated to the memory of “Mr. Warmth,” Don Rickles.  I am proud to say I saw him open for Sinatra in 1994.  I still remember when “Daddy Dearest” ran on FOX.

Talk to you soon.  Happy Pesach.


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