4/12/17, Ep. 7: Ian Hunter Interview

4/12/17, Ep. 7: Ian Hunter Interview


4/12/17, Ep. 7: Ian Hunter Interview

Welcome to the 7th episode, a special edition of Blue Jays Mic.

My guest today is Ian Hunter, the founder of Blue Jay Hunter.

I got to know Ian better—he’s a great guy!—and we discussed the Blue Jays season thus far.

Ian also shared his suggestions for aspiring Blue Jays bloggers, vloggers and podcasters.

So Blue Jays fans …

You don’t want to miss his insights:

Spoiler Alert: Ian LOVES Buck Martinez as the Blue Jays PxP. I, on the other hand, love … [listen for the answer]

Also, follow Ian on Twitter @BlueJayHunter.

Any questions you want to ask me? Want to talk Jays? Be a guest on the podcast?

DM me on Twitter@bluejaysmicEmail me: davidpan@bloguin.com.

Go Jays!

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