McShay Releases GM Mock Draft; Picks 3 Rounds for Cowboys

McShay Releases GM Mock Draft; Picks 3 Rounds for Cowboys


McShay Releases GM Mock Draft; Picks 3 Rounds for Cowboys

We are hovering around 2 weeks until the NFL Draft and the NFL Mock Draft keeps churning out at a feverish pace. ESPN’s Todd McShay released his “GM Mock Draft” where he makes the selections as if he were the Cowboys GM.

Here’s who is has and my thoughts on the picks:

Round 1 (28): Quincy Wilson, CB, Florida
Round 2 (60): Adam Shaheen, TE, Ashland
Round 3 (92): Justin Evans, S, Texas A&M

Wilson has some of the best ball skills of any defensive back in this class, totaling 14 pass breakups and six interceptions. The Cowboys need more big and physical corners like Wilson (6-1½, 211) after seeing Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne depart in free agency. Dallas also lost safeties J.J. Wilcox and Barry Church, which was the impetus for the Evans pick. He can manufacture big plays (five interceptions), but Evans will need to play with better discipline in the pros. I love Shaheen’s tape, and he’d be the perfect tight end to learn from veteran Jason Witten as Witten’s career winds to a close. Shaheen ran a 4.79 40 at 278 pounds. That’s ridiculous. (ESPN)

My thoughts on the selections:

Quincy Wilson in the 1st does not sound that pleasing to me, but that is what he took, so lets talk about the pick. For me, Wilson is probably the safer pick between him and Teez Tabor. But you have to ask yourself, where do you start him. Is he more of a cover corner, or do you line him up at safety. This is more of a position projection for me, and if you aren’t sure where you’re gonna put a guy I wouldn’t take him in the 1st.  #11 SPARQ / 42.5% 3rd Round (SEC)

Adam Shaheen in the 2nd round is actually a typical Dallas Cowboys selection in most seasons, but the Cowboys need to get better on defense right now, not next year. That being said, the Cowboys may think they are good enough defensively with their moves this offseason and think it is worth a shot at getting the next guy that would legitimately have a shot at being Witten’s longterm answer. He has the 6-6 height the Cowboys covet for almost all their tight ends they have drafted in recent years. 6-6, 278 (big build, basketball background, blocking and receiving TE) (#6 SPARQ / 72.0%) 2nd-3rd Round (Great Lakes) I could see this happening.

Justin Evans is a bit of a project in that his tackling skills and ability to have sounds tackling leave alot to be desired. I think he could come in and compete, but he won’t be a day one starter, they would move him in slowly and that depends on whether or not the DB coaches can get that part of his game corrected. If they can, then the Cowboys may have something in him. I rather have him in the 4th than I would the 3rd however.

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