Colts announce preseason schedule...and other stuff

Colts announce preseason schedule...and other stuff


Colts announce preseason schedule...and other stuff

Hello, Colts fans. I know what you’re thinking: “Jeff, no one cares about the preseason schedule.” I get it. From my perspective, it’s Colts-related news and a chance to write about it, no matter how trivial it may seem. I can’t help it. I miss football.

As you read on, try to envision the schedule like the winning numbers being announced in those lottery shows where the ping-pong balls pop up out of the machine. I think this makes it more exciting.

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for…

The schedule:

Whew, I am fired up now.

Let’s be honest for a second: NFL preseason games are one of the greatest scams going. They’ve obtained this status because people like us get so starved for football we say ridiculous stuff like, “full price to go watch Stephen Morris play the Bengals? I’m in!” and things like that. It’s our fault. I’ve never been to a preseason game, and highly doubt I ever will unless Jim Irsay calls me up with an invite to his suite. Related: Jim Irsay doesn’t have my phone number.

What’s next:

The NFL draft! A bit more than 2 weeks from now, the Colts will be on the clock with the 15th pick. Now *this* is something to get fired up about. We’re in a special place right now, Colts fans. We were in a similar place 5 years ago with the dawning of the Andrew Luck era. It was different then, though. Then, everyone knew Luck was going to be the guy; the anticipation came more from wondering what they would be able to put around him. In 2017, there’s no obvious pick like Luck; there’s no Ryan Grigson doing whatever it was he did. This time around we have Chris Ballard, and a whole, whole lot of talented players to choose from. There is no obvious choice this time. On this note, I do not envy Chris Ballard one iota. He’s going to be faced with some tough choices, particularly with their first pick.

I have faith.

Other news:

Other news? How about big news?

Multiple sources have reported the team has signed free agent DL Johnathan Hankins, formerly of the Giants. Although contract details are still to be finalized, initial reports are of a 3-year, $30 million deal with $14.5 million in guaranteed money. This signing fits three things the Colts have been trying to accomplish during the off-season: 1) Get younger (Hankins is 25). 2) Create competition. With Al Woods already signed, bringing in Hankins officially puts David Parry on notice. I have a feeling Ballard and/or Pagano will eventually run the competition angle into the ground, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. In a league which saw the 2016 season have the lowest margin of victory than any season since 1932, it’s basic common sense to say the more talented roster, the more likely you are to win. 3) Get tougher on the defensive line. Without looking at analytics, I feel like David Parry had a pretty decent 2015, and a pretty bad 2016. If there’s a difference, it could be because Parry spent 2016 without Kendall Langford and with a Henry Anderson who took some time before he got back to his 2015 form. Either way, bringing in Hankins to pair with Woods makes the team better. I’m a fan of this signing.

See you soon Colts fans.



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