Terrelle Pryor talks up chemistry with Kirk Cousins

Terrelle Pryor talks up chemistry with Kirk Cousins

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Terrelle Pryor talks up chemistry with Kirk Cousins

The Washington Redskins have to hope certain key players can pull together after an odd offseason.

Terrelle Pryor and Kirk Cousins are two of the focal points as the team heads into the summer.

Pryor, after an odd trip to free agency, settled for something of a prove-it deal in Washington and finds himself tasked with replacing the production that left with DeSean Jackson. Most know the contract drama surrounding Cousins and the Redskins, as both sides still haven’t come to an agreement on an extension.

It’s good news, at least, to hear Pryor chat about his rapport with Cousins, both on the field and in giving feedback to each other. ESPN’s John Keim caught up with him on the topic:

“It was about him getting my timing down,” Pryor said. “There were a couple routes I had to run a couple times because he’s a timing thrower, and he throws it to spots. But we’ll get there. When we get there Monday, we’ll go two or three times a week and work on that as well. I was eager. It was great to work with him and get to know him.”

“He’ll take that info in and say, ‘I really like that,’” Pryor said. “That’s how I knew me and him would click. We’re going to do well.”

After a breakout season in Cleveland, Pryor has the first stable quarterback of his career and could build on his showing there.

For the Redskins, this is exactly what they want to hear and could get away with an odd offseason if these two continue to develop a strong connection.

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