#TribeTopThree: Miggy Bullies Umps, Bauer

#TribeTopThree: Miggy Bullies Umps, Bauer


#TribeTopThree: Miggy Bullies Umps, Bauer

Short and (not so) Sweet

Trevor Bauer retired the first two hitters in the first inning of the game with ease. He then threw inside to Miguel Cabrera who didn’t like that. Bauer eventually walked Cabrera but got out of the first inning. After the inning, Cabrera complained to home plate umpire Clint Fagan about Bauer’s inside pitch. Fagan issued a warning and Bauer didn’t pitch inside the rest of the game.

Four innings and seemingly 50 more runners left in scoring position by the Indians later, Cabrera hit an opposite field two-run homer off of Bauer. Alex Avila hit an opposite field two run homer the next inning of Bauer and the Indians continued to look and not find any answers when it comes to hitting with runners in scoring position.

For reference, the pitcher circled here is the pitch Cabrera got mad about and drew a warning Bauer’s way for.

This really changed the complexion of the game because Bauer was never able to re-establish the inside part of the plate and it led to the Tigers camping out, able to hit pitchers out over the plate.

And there’s this pain:

The Indians did manage to make things interesting and make the Tigers show what little faith they have in their bullpen by bringing in the only closer in baseball older than Fernando Rodney and Joe Nathan, Francisco Rodriguez. Lonnie Chisenhall hit the first pinch hit grand slam for the Indians since Jerry Sands.

Tribe Top Three (as voted on by Twitter)

Well, the fix is in. We’re throwing the votes out because of Chisenhall’s disregard for our poll. This is how it would have looked. Blame Chisenhall.

#4 (Bonus): Stupid warning to Bauer: As mentioned above, the warning to Bauer in the first inning from Cabrera’s complaint and changed Bauer’s ability to throw inside to anyone and not get tossed.

#3: Edwin got a hit:
After this poll, he got another hit. He walked once and had two hits, so maybe he’s starting to break out a bit finally.

#2: Yandy Diaz hit with RISP:
The Indians were o-11 with runners in scoring position before Diaz’s RBI hit in the ninth inning and it was Diaz’s first RBI. The man who continually breaks StatCast with his low line drives is starting to find some green with those liners.

#1: Lonnie Chisenhall PH grand slam:
The Indians didn’t hit a grand slam all of 2016 but now have two in the ninth inning in 10 games this year. Chisenhall’s was the first of the pinch hit variety since the legendary Jerry Sands. It broke the Indians out of their slump, hopefully, even if they lost.



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