Canadiens 4, Rangers 3, OT (Tied 1-1)

Canadiens 4, Rangers 3, OT (Tied 1-1)

NY Rangers

Canadiens 4, Rangers 3, OT (Tied 1-1)

The New York Rangers lost to the Montreal Canadiens by the score of 4-3 in overtime of Game 2 of their Eastern Conference Quarterfinal match-up. The series is now tied at 1-1. For a box score, click here.

3 Goats

1st Goat – Hockey stick manufacturers (Can we please make some sticks that won’t break?!?!?!)

2nd Goat – Montreal typical (You knew at some point the refs were going to start favoring the Canadiens)

3rd Goat – A certain Rangers defensive pair (I’m sure you can figure out who)

Honorable Mention – AV for having 3rd Goat on the ice in the final minute.

Post Game Cocktail Recommendation

All the alcohol. Every. Single. Drop.

Gif of the Game

I felt this hit through the television…

Nick Holden Was So Bad…


Nick Holden was so bad, he broke his own stick before deflecting the game tying goal into his own net with 17.3 seconds remaining…

And Staal wasn’t that much better as he took out a teammate on each of the first two Canadiens goals…

How this pairing is on the ice in the final minute while Smith/Sjkei are watching is mind blowing.

AV has had a lot of success in his coaching career, but his personnel decisions continue to baffle.

Lundqvist Faced Some Rubber

Exclusive video of Lundqvist in the locker room immediately after making a career playoff high 54 saves on 58 shots…

Also, can someone give Lundqvist A GOD DAMN STICK WHEN HIS BREAKS!!!!!

Montreal Typical

So Zuccarello is almost knocked out of the game by an unpenalized illegal Ott hit, yet is somehow assessed a four minute roughing penalty?!?!?!

Hey Laviolette, what do you think about that?

At least Weber stupidly decided to pick a fight with Miller in the ensuing scrum, so he was stuck in the penalty box while the Canadiens failed on two straight power plays.

While the hitting continued in Game 2, there was a lot more chippiness which the referees were very inconsistent in calling. Either let them play or don’t. They can’t have the players guessing.

Mini Recap

That’s as rough as it gets folks. 17.3 seconds from having a strangle hold on the series and now the Rangers are in a dog fight. One thing I’ve learned from watching the numerous Blueshirts playoff games over the years is that momentum is rarely carried over from one game to another, so expect this devastating loss to be put behind the players by the time the puck drops Sunday night.

Having said that, the tying goal had a tangible impact in overtime as the Canadiens rode the momentum to completely dominate the Rangers. It wasn’t a matter of if the Canadiens were going to win but when.

As much as this game hurts, I’ve got to say, I’m loving this new Black & Blueshirts mentality. I’m pretty sure the Rangers threw more hits tonight than they did all season. While it didn’t lead to victory, if they continue to play with this same vigor and intensity, I like their chances of ending up with four victories.

While it was absolute chaos around Lundqvist all night, Carey Price hasn’t had nearly enough to contend with in front. The Rangers need to do a much better job with their net front presence.

The fourth line was probably the Rangers best for the second straight game. And that’s not a good thing.

Loving the straight up nasty that Brandon Smith is bringing to this series. Some pretty good defense as well.

It seems that Skjei is taking his cue from Smith as he’s gone from finesse defenseman to one with some snarl to his game.

JT Miller on his mindset coming into this game…

Have you seen these two?

Hey Price, I’m pretty sure you lost this on Grabner’s breakaway goal…

Just when you think Nash might finally succeed in the playoffs, his neutral zone turnover leads to the game winner for Montreal.

Got to love Vesey taking a huge hit to make a play on the Nash goal…

Klein in for Holden?

All the blame shouldn’t just fall on Holden/Staal, as three of the four goals could have been prevented with better defense up top from the forwards including and especially Zibanejad on the game winner.

Amazing PK all for naught.

Obviously, MSG has not given the Rangers the home ice advantage you would normally expect during the regular season. If the Rangers are to be victorious in this series, they’re going to have to learn how to win at home again. Despite the embarrassing church like atmosphere at The World’s Most Famous Arena from October to the beginning of April, once the playoffs begin, the electricity is usually turned back on, so let’s hope the Blueshirts can take advantage of their own hostile environment.

Not sure what the concern is, didn’t we all expect the Rangers to win the series in seven? Tough to do that when you’re up 2-0. 😉

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