Semifinals Game 2. Bruins At Senators: Holy Easter Saturday Batman!

Semifinals Game 2. Bruins At Senators: Holy Easter Saturday Batman!


Semifinals Game 2. Bruins At Senators: Holy Easter Saturday Batman!

Lets take a quick peek into the Bruins locker room as they prepare for Game 2.

As of right now Krug and Krejci are out, C. Miller and Acciari are doubtful, no word on Carlo.

Fuck. Me. Sideways.

The injuries make the Game 1 victory all the more crucial,  because the longer this series goes, the better the chance that the Bruins will get more players back.  If that happens, I like this team in a 6 or 7 game series.But I’m getting ahead of myself just like the Senators did with that tweet.

No I’m not sharing it again, you’ve all seen it.

Game 2 is this afternoon.  I could beat the dead horse of “Bruins have trouble getting up for early games” but it’s irrelevant.  I don’t care if the game started at 6am, if you can’t get energized for a playoff game, you don’t deserve to be here, especially with the chance to come back to Boston up 2-0.

I think this is going to be a harder game for the Bruins. Although McAvoy, was great last game, I’d like Boston fans to remove his balls from the back of their throats.  Make sure to open your mouths good and wide first so you don’t nick his sack with your teeth.  The kid is still young and is going to make a bad mistake sooner or later.

Also, whats getting lost in all the excitement of the win is the Bruins didn’t play particularly well in their own end for a lot of last game. And Ottawa’s hilariously backfired tweet aside, that second period is REALLY concerning.  If Rask didn’t play the way he did, that game goes to Ottawa, and while I like Rask, I hope and pray to Easter Bunny Jesus that he doesn’t have to play like that again.

Anyone get the reference? No? Ok moving on.

If the Bruins go down at all, watching them skate through the neutral zone is like wadding through shit in Conker’s Bad Fur Day thanks to Scarface’s stupid sexy defensive system that he loves so much.


Boston leads the series 1-0.  No one has more than 1 point on either team yet.



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Tee hee……craps.

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