Joey Bats, continue your Swag at-bats!

Joey Bats, continue your Swag at-bats!


Joey Bats, continue your Swag at-bats!

Jose Bautista—AKA Joey Bats!

I’m going to reiterate what you already know, and I hate to say this, but you’re slumping at the plate. In 44 ABs, you have a .136 BA and 1 RBI.

You’re also expecting … at least two homers right? Unfortunately, you have none.

I could go on and on about your batting statistics, but that’s not the intent.

Here’s my intent—and my point: you’re on a funk, but you’re having Swag at-bats!

Just look at yourself, Joey Bats. Like your first AB against Alec Asher last Saturday against the Orioles:

Not a pretty AB, but a wicked swing and a miss!

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Like Buck Martinez said on the telecast, you’re probably not used to see Asher. After all, he was acquired from the Phillies not too long ago.

Let’s check out your second AB against Asher. 1-2 the count:

2-2 the count:

3-2 the count:

3-2 the count again:

The 3-2 count once again:

Base hit!

So what’s the point, you ask? You’ve been calm, cool and collective in each count.

And that’s the approach you had later that night. You showed patience at the plate, taking pitches and fouling them off.

Okay, maybe not 100% of the time, but you’re making solid contact in your at-bats.

I know, Joey Bats, you’re not getting the results that you want right now, but you’ll eventually get more hits, more home runs, and more RBIs.

When you’re calm, cool, and collective at the plate, you’ll definitely get more hits!

It’s only a matter of time.

GO Jays. Follow me on Twitter: @BlueJaysMic.

Gifs from MLB.TV.

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