Mike Yeo doesn't want to analyze extra rest before Game 4

Mike Yeo doesn't want to analyze extra rest before Game 4


Mike Yeo doesn't want to analyze extra rest before Game 4

Playoff scheduling is weird. As if the late start times weren’t annoying enough, the league decided to give the Blues and Wild an extra day off between Game 3 and Game 4 in their first round series. That decision isn’t as maddening as the really stupid start times, but it’s another odd wrench the Blues have to deal with.

Extra rest is usually a good thing, but when it comes in the playoffs at a time in which one team is rolling and the other is reeling, it’s not always ideal.

Mike Yeo gave the most perfect response when he was asked about the extra rest and how it may influence their momentum.

Via STLToday:

“It’s what we have. I’m not going to analyze whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, I’m just going to make sure we utilize it the best way that we can and make sure that we get ready to come out. We can sit here and say it might be this, it might be that. We have an opportunity to get rest, we have an opportunity to practice and to look at the tape, what areas we might need to adjust a little bit, look at what areas we have to focus on for the next game and get ready for a real hard battle.”

That’s a great response. Yeo doesn’t want to focus on the intangibles such as momentum or how the extra rest will impact the Blues and Wild. Instead, he keeps things grounded in reality by simply trying to use the time off the best way he and his team can.

The Blues may have to wait for their first chance to eliminate the Wild, but it sounds like they’re approaching their extra time off the correct way.

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