NHL Teams Kicking the Tires on Jim Montgomery

NHL Teams Kicking the Tires on Jim Montgomery

North Dakota

NHL Teams Kicking the Tires on Jim Montgomery

DU goalie Tanner Jaillet (Photo Credit: Russ Hons)

This should make some in Denver nervous. It would appear that Denver Pioneers head coach Jim Montgomery is garnering some interest from NHL teams and why wouldn’t he? Like I said before, Montgomery is good at developing young players and he can relate with today’s generation. Does it mean he’s going to leave Denver? Not necessarily, but it means he has options.

Pat Hickey, Montreal Gazette — But Montgomery said he likes his situation in Denver, where he has been the head coach for the past four years.

“I’m happy here and I’d never leave for another college job,” Montgomery said by phone from the Mile High City. “We have a top-five program, its 80 degrees here, the sun is shining. There’s no reason to move.”

Unless. …

“If an NHL job came along I’d be intrigued, but it would have to be the right situation, the right ownership, the right general manager,” said Montgomery, who won the Spencer Penrose Award as the NCAA coach of the year.

For the naysayers, all I can say is never say never. Just two years ago, UND fans woke up to find out that their head coach was headed to the NHL. Montgomery’s stock has never been higher and Denver fans should expect NHL teams to come calling. I wouldn’t dismiss the Mayor John Hoven, he’s dialed into all things related to the L.A. Kings.

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