Report: Isaiah plans to play in Game 2

Report: Isaiah plans to play in Game 2

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Report: Isaiah plans to play in Game 2

A lot has been said about Isaiah’s decision regarding this situation. People have reacted, some very publicly, some maybe saying things you don’t like or don’t understand.

Isaiah put a lot of pain aside last night and did a great many “Isaiah” things when most of us wouldn’t have been able to even stand on our feet. For a basketball player, the court truly is a safe haven where the grief and pain can be boxed up for a few hours and set by the locker room door.

It would not surprise me to see Isaiah return for Game 3 and continue finding solace in the game, in his teammates, and in his extended Boston family. However, Isaiah’s choice is completely his own, and it very well might change when he gets home and the weight of the situation hits him. It’s impossible to know at this point.

Update from the Celtics:

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