EYE do not like the Eagles' new look---

EYE do not like the Eagles' new look---


EYE do not like the Eagles' new look---

I do not like the “new look” that Mr. Lurie has ordered up for the Eagles locker room and training facilities. I get it that the idea is to “inspire” the players with a non-stop flood of motivational stimuli. But who was the interior decorator selected by Mr. Lurie—Joseph Goebbels? Maybe the Roman emperor Nero?

Make up your own mind—-

Here is a walking tour.

Maybe it’s just me, but as a player do I want to be in a facility where even the walls are yelling at me?—especially after the coaches have been yelling at me for the past hour on the practice field?

It seems to me the decor would be more suited for a movie set in the modern remake of “Gladiator”…

That damnable cartoon Eagle logo is everywhere, too—always looking at you with that crooked EYE.

Mural-sized Stalin-esque graphics depicting iconic Eagles of the past are everywhere, too. But do we really want our players living in the past?

It’s all too sterile, too metallic, too politicized for me.

I would prefer a more pastoral theme in the clubhouse, with a lot of calming earth-tones, geez, maybe even some living things, like plants and trees or a team mascot dog roaming the halls.

And how about some murals featuring fans—yes, the fans who pay the freight—or photographic tributes to the kids in children’s hospitals who look up to these guys and live for the day when they are healthy enough to actually attend a game?

To me a clubhouse should be a player’s home away from home. I don’t get that feeling from Mr. Lurie’s makeover. Use the old locker room speech to motivate players, not graphic propaganda.

Throw in a Starbucks or a reading room for good measure…

(Drops the mic…)

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Hey, looks like Reuben Foster on a trade-up (or just grab him if he did somehow fall to #14 overall) might be the smartest move the Eagles could make next week in the 1st Round:

Stephen Tulloch is retiring after 11 seasons in NFL

by Marcelo Villa

Former Titans, Lions and Eagles linebacker Stephen Tulloch is retiring after 11 seasons in the NFL. Tulloch will hold a press conference at the Lions’ facility on Thursday to announce his retirement.

A fourth-round pick out of North Carolina State in 2006, Tulloch began his career in Tennessee where he played five seasons, leading the team in tackles during the 2009 (120) and 2010 (160) seasons. His career-high 160 tackles during the 2010 season ranks as the ninth-highest single-season total by a player since 2006.

Tulloch then signed with Detroit in 2011 and led the team in tackles in four of his five seasons, finishing with at least 100 tackles in all but one season. After he was released by the Lions last offseason, Tulloch signed a one-year deal with Philadelphia, though he played only 12 games for the Eagles in 2016.

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