Richard Sherman not at Seahawks' voluntary workouts

Richard Sherman not at Seahawks' voluntary workouts

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Richard Sherman not at Seahawks' voluntary workouts

Normally, it’s not that much of a story if an NFL player doesn’t show up for voluntary offseason workouts.

However, when that player has been the subject of trade rumors, it raises a few eyebrows.

That player is Richard Sherman.

Sherman did just turn 29. He’s no spring chicken anymore in NFL years. He could be trying to preserve his body. But with the NFL draft scheduled for April 27, this development fans the trade-rumor flames.

The Seahawks have the 26th pick. They could move up, say, 20 spots to No. 6 and ship Sherman to the Jets. That’s not likely to happen, however, because Sherman has said he wants to go to a contender.

The Panthers at No. 8 could be contenders if they get a cornerback to fill the void left by Josh Norman. The Eagles at No. 14 have their franchise quarterback in place.

Moving up that far in the first round normally would involve giving up a bounty of picks later in that draft and in the next two or three drafts, but since the Seahawks’ trade partner would be getting Sherman, Seattle probably wouldn’t have to send that many picks with him.

Perhaps Sherman is avoiding these offseason workouts to prevent an injury that would ruin the Seahawks’ plans to trade him and his plans for a change of scenery.

This will make the draft entertaining prime time television.

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